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The hallmark of the Kids Country’s Infant program is our assurance to the parents who leave their precious little ones with us every day, do so with the complete confidence that their children are loved, nurtured, and gently cared for all day. While feeding, diapering, and reading to your baby, our experienced teachers understand the importance of eye contact, soothing tones, and gentle touches to stimulate the young brain.

Your child will spend their day in an environment that is safe, warm and feels just like home. You will only bring in bottles and diapers and leave us a schedule to follow each day. Your Baby will nap in their own crib, on their own schedule and follow their own unique curriculum plan. When they are awake, they will be free to explore toys that are stimulating, engaging and at their level.


Exploring their world.

Learning through play.

This is the life of a Kids Country baby. Babies are gently encouraged to engage their five senses, learning about the world around them at centers throughout the classroom which stimulate curiosity and enrich learning. Sign language continues to be used in our Baby classroom as the babies begin to explore spoken language. Our teachers care for, engage and nurture your baby, expanding his sense of wonder with every coo, every first word, every mastered skill, every step of the way.

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Dynamic, Adventurous, Independent & Daring

What words better describe a toddler? Toddlers are a unique blend of sweet little baby at one moment and learning-hungry preschooler at the very same time. Kids Country unites the two sides with a pedagogical approach designed to excite even the ficklest of learners. Hands-on activities combined with a literacy-rich environment will light the spark of learning for your toddler while loving teachers provide caring, cuddling and safety as the toddlers discover, analyze, and learn.


The uniqueness of each preschooler at Kids Country is embraced as our teachers and students strategize as a team to investigate our monthly Creative Curriculum theme while also exceeding state standards throughout the classroom designed to entice every type of learner.  Each new day takes the children down a path of exploration as the preschoolers combine forces to master the skills necessary to progress to Kids Country PreKindergarten.

Call today to schedule a tour and interview for your child.  We pledge to exceed your expectations!

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Visit our Pre-Kindergarten classroom and you’ll observe education in action as the students are engaged in learning through play and exploration.  Academics in the PreKindergarten are focused toward sending the students more than prepared for Kindergarten in all areas of their development.  Math skills, such as sorting, patterning, numeral recognition and writing, addition and subtraction are introduced and enriched in the classroom.  Look around the PreKindergarten classroom and it’s clear that writing and beginning reading skills are stressed through sight words, whole language displays throughout the classroom, books in every curricular area. The natural exploration of letters, sounds, words and reading leads Kids Country students to early reading skills.  Learning through exploration and play…it’s the Kids Country way.

Call today to schedule a tour and interview for your child.  We pledge to exceed your expectations!


Giving your child the best educational foundation is the goal of every parent.

Kids Country Private Kindergarten provides just that foundation. Using Beginning to Read, Write and ListenHarcourt Math, Let’s Find OutStarfallZoophonics, and additional classroom enrichments, our Kindergartners score at first-, second- and third-grade levels on the Stanford Achievement Test. Field trips are scheduled to enhance the classroom lessons and classroom visitors are invited to bring the outside world into our classroom. Enrichment activities such as tennis lessons, karate lessons, swimming lessons and others are incorporated in the daily plan for our children to help build well rounded adults. Please call the Center Director to schedule your child’s screening for placement in Kids Country Private Kindergarten.

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School-age children need a place to go after school to release, relax, refuel, and reflect on their day. The KC Country Club gives your school-ager just that place. A safe environment that includes healthy and fun snacks, games, the staffed Homework Room, outside playtime, quiet spots for reading and journaling, art, and music. What kid wouldn’t want to be at the KC Country Club? 


Before-school care is relaxed and encouraging. Children come in, choose their favorite foods from the breakfast buffet, and have the chance to ease into the day.  Transportation to local schools is provided. 


During the summer, the KC Country Club turns into the BEST summer camp EVER. It is serious fun. Field trips, visitors, swimming, game tournaments-everything your child could ask for…and more. 

(We also slip learning opportunities into every day to keep Summer Brain Drain to a minimum!)

Check out our summer camp brochure 

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