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"Nothing without Joy"-Loris Malaguzzi

Everything we do is infused with joy.


Curriculum that fits your child's needs. 

There are as many different combinations of learning styles as there are different children. Each child learns at their own pace, in their own way. Our teachers hone in on the learning style of each child and use the classroom tools, such as the Creative Curriculum approach, and the environment to increase the knowledge base of each child.  Whatever your child’s learning style – whether building with blocks, sitting to write or create art, or dramatic play – we support their own personal blend.  We challenge our students to explore, hypothesize, cooperate, and develop together as a class and as individuals.

Kids Country offers a blended curriculum that guides and challenges each kind of learner:  kinesthetic learners are given many opportunities to manipulate and learn from hands-on classroom tools.  If your child learns best through listening, he’ll be given many opportunities to be read to and taught through circle times and library activities.  Educational and social concepts are introduced in many ways throughout the day to assure that every child is given the opportunity to learn.

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Inspire through Imagination

Through play-based learning, we encourage all children to use their imaginations and become anything they want to be. Our environments allow the children to become a zookeeper, an astronaut flying through space, or even a captain on a boat. Whatever your child imagines, we are there to support them in completing their vision.

Our schools are Reggio Inspired, meaning that we respect the rights of children by observing and actively listening to their interests and needs as they interact with peers and their environments. We use this research to create individualized lesson plans for each child to create a learning experience that’s memorable

Guiding Principles


A child is competent, capable, and full of wonder with a desire for knowledge and life and is always ready for challenges on the journey of learning.


The teacher plays a critical role by being the child’s partner and recognizing many learning possibilities. 


In order to understand children and the way they learn, teachers work diligently to document all aspects of the learning process.


The environment children explore acts as the third teacher in their learning. It provides children with the ability to explore and become inspired.


The involvement of the parents is a critical component of a child's learning process. Acting as a role model and guide that supports their learning success. 

Learning is THRIVING in our schools because we put an emphasis on valuing the children’s creativity, curiosities and capabilities to encourage their undeniable sense of wonder.
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Created for children

Group Sizes

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Our schools and classroom environments are designed with the child in mind. Our furniture, equipment and learning tools are intentionally staged to offer the most learning potential and inspiration.  

Children are curious, imaginative and full of wonder and our classrooms exemplify this image of the child. Children thrive in environments that are suited to their interests and developmental stages. In the Reggio Emilia approach the environment is viewed as a third teacher, a place that is welcoming, authentic aesthetically pleasing, culturally representative of community, embraces nature and filled with purposeful materials.

Rooms are designed with care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age in mind to give each child the freedom to learn and play, plus regular opportunities for interaction between age groups.

Infant Rooms have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:5 and a maximum group size of 12  children.

Toddler Rooms have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:7 and a maximum group size of 14 – 20 children.       

Preschool Rooms have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:12 and a maximum group size of 24 – 28 children.


Eat. Play. Love

The Kids Country kitchen is always the hub of our schools because we value the importance of food and nutrition and appreciate the impact we have in establishing healthy eating habits for your child. We know quality food and a full belly contributes to growth, development and contentment.

Our experienced KC chefs prepare healthy snacks and meals that put a smile on their face.

At Kids Country, fresh fruit is available throughout the day in the classrooms to provide children with healthy and accessible options to meet their hunger on the go.


Our menus are created with your child in mind, to offer well-balanced, nutrient-dense and tasty meals for your child to enjoy.

What's on the menu? Check out a sample here!

A nourishing menu

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