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The Why

Learning is THRIVING in our schools because we put an emphasis on valuing the children’s creativity, curiosities and capabilities to encourage their undeniable sense of wonder.


Reggio Inspired: A practice that respects the rights of children by observing and actively listening to their interests and needs as they interact with peers and their environments. We use this research to create individualized lesson plans for each child to create a learning experience that’s memorable, not memorized.

Inquiry-Based Learning: This is where the teachers are researchers, with the children, and are allowing the children to take the lead. We follow the children’s curiosities and make them a part of the everyday curriculum. We make their learning come alive and away from a worksheet.

Knowledge Core/ Creative Curriculum: We incorporate state standards and studies throughout the year, alongside our inquiry-based and Reggio curriculum to ensure that the children are prepared for Kindergarten. However, we create provocations and use authentic learning materials to spark the interest of our students.

Provocations: A collection of materials, loose parts or manipulatives that provoke play. For example, a bowl full of assorted buttons. The child could attempt patterning, sequencing, sorting or just create a design. The idea is to provoke the child to create their own learning and for the teacher to observe and then help further the learning once they see the direction the child has taken.

Invitation to Play: The idea of “setting the stage” in an area or station to inspire the children to want to work in that particular area.

Environments: Defined areas within the classrooms that allow children to explore and learn in diverse ways. These areas will also reflect the interests, needs and developmental capabilities of the children within the classroom.

Documentation: Proof of work, collaboration, and learning. A way to value the children by showcasing their learning and their language through pictures and descriptive words that are hung throughout the classroom for the children and families to view.

Honoring Children: We honor children by observing and listening to their passions and ensuring they make an appearance in the classroom. We also honor them by respecting their capabilities and allowing them to take “risks” to find their skill level in a particular area and by showcasing their work through documentation.

Relationships: Relationships are of the utmost importance at Kids Country. We believe in building lasting, trustworthy relationships with our students and families to ensure everyone feels safe and loved. Positive, healthy relationships are key to a child’s ability to learn. When a child feels respected, loved and safe, their willingness to learn is unstoppable.

Feeling: At Kids Country, we believe that all five senses should be ignited as soon as you enter our schools. We ensure that there is always calming music, good smells, soft and comfortable furniture, tasty food and beautiful aesthetics throughout the schools to make you feel at home. We are a school family and our schools are the homes in which we live to learn!

Experienced Educators: All of our educators are either degreed, have their Child Development Associates or are working to further their education in child development. We have many teachers that have over 10 years of commitment to Kids Country.