Our Philosophy

“Our daughter is loved and is excited to go to school every day.”

Curriculum that fits your Child’s Needs.

There are as many different combinations of learning styles as there are different children.  Each child learns at his own pace, in his own way and no way is more correct than any other.   Our teachers hone in on the learning style of each child and use the classroom tools and environment to increase the knowledge base of each child.  Whatever your child’s learning style – whether building with blocks, sitting to write or create art, or dramatic play – we support their own personal blend.  We challenge our students to explore, hypothesize, cooperate, and develop together as a class and as individuals.

Kids Country offers a blended curriculum which guides and challenges each kind of learner:  kinesthetic learners are given many opportunities to manipulate and learn from hands-on classroom tools.  If your child learns best through listening, he’ll be given many opportunities to be read to and taught through circle times and library activities.  Educational and social concepts are introduced in many ways throughout the day to assure that every child is given the opportunity to learn.

Inspire through Imagination

Through play-based learning, we encourage all children to use their imaginations and become anything they want to be. Our environments allow the children to become a zoo keeper, an astronaut flying through space, or even a captain on a boat. Whatever your child imagines, we are there to support them in completing their vision.

Our Vision

Inspiring the hearts, minds, and imaginations of each child who enters our school

Our Mission

Kids Country is committed to exceeding your expectations.  We combine intentional curriculum with purposeful play in home-like environments.  Engaging and nurturing educators prepare children for a life-time love of learning using our unique Inspired Approach to Learning.

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